Conscious Dating

The Conscious Dating method

"Become The ONE You Want &
Attract The Love You Desire"


Becoming The ONE You Want

Live with Angela N. Holton,

Dating & Relationship Expert

Speaker & Author

  • Week 1: Getting Clear On What You Want - Why Online Dating

  • Week 2: Belief Blockbuster - Reshaping Belief Systems About Relationships; Understand Your Relationship Patterns

  • Week 3: Self-Love & Self-Worth - Practicing Non-Judgment 

  • Week 4: Fear & Vulnerability - Dealing with "Rejection" & Self-Sabotage

  • Week 5: Forgiveness & Self-Compassion 

  • Week 6: Attachment Styles & Love Languages

  • Week 7: Communication in Relationships

  • Week 8: Learning The Divine Feminine & Masculine 


"Working with Angela has become one of the best investments of my life. When beginning the course I really didn't know what to expect but each week I found myself becoming more vulnerable and insightful into myself and ways of thinking that I never realized I had before. Angela helped me so much in realizing that in order to attract the kind of partner I desire, I must become that person first."


"I highly recommend this  powerful course.  It was amazing.  Angela beautifully facilitated the classes providing insight and tons of guidance....I learned a great deal about what has been standing in the way of my success."


I enrolled, a single person who was 100% anti-online dating, and ended the course in a new relationship  with a wonderful man who I met online! We have now been together over a year. I would not have opened up to online dating if it wasn't for Angela's insight, perspective and advice. Angela is invested in her students.  She took time to speak to each of us directly about where we were in the process and in our lives. I am all around in a better place since taking Angela's Conscious Dating Course and have grown as a person. I still use my tools, especially as my new relationship continues to blossom.”


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  • The Course: Access to my 8-week #TheConsciousDatingMethod™ private group coaching program including weekly handouts & "Love-Work" Assignments

  • The Community: Live support in our private community of women from around the world. 

  • The Coaching: Weekly LIVE group coaching with me

  • Guest Lecturers

Angela N. Holton is an International Spiritual Life Coach, Speaker, Author, and Founder of Love Sanctuary, an online spiritual and personal development site centered on helping women silence their inner fears and step into their greatness.


Angela teaches practical and transformational tools to support women in living, working, dating, and relating with greater intention, passion, and purpose. She is the creator of the #ConsciousDating online courses. She has served women around the world in becoming the greatest and highest version of themselves and attracting the love they desire and deserve.


"Through Angela’s compassion and guidance in the Conscious Dating Course, I am learning new things about myself and new tools that will help me manage ALL relationships, especially my relationship with myself. She provides so many tools in the course. I am discovering myself again after years of not being true to myself. I am still at the beginning of the journey but I am more at peace than I have been for years."


“Angela is an amazing coach! She has a natural ability to teach and inspire, making you think outside the box while being there for you every step of the way. My mind was always being challenged and my love life has developed quicker with more authenticity, having been given the tools Angela so clearly and lovingly teaches in her Conscious Dating course. I will forever be grateful!”



When I joined The Conscious Dating Method, I wasn't sure how, when, and if I was ready to date. After going through a divorce, all I knew was that I didn't want to make the same choices again that led me to that mess. I am grateful to Angela and The Conscious Dating Method because I was able to explore deeper into why I show up to relationships that way I do, how to be aware of myself, my choices, and  how to make healthy changes. I discovered that I could be kinder to myself, and frankly, give myself some grace and most importantly love. I'm glad to have gone through the course and recommend it to anyone that is ready to change the trajectory of their relationships current or future.