"June in June" This Month's Person of Inspiration June Haynes

This month for our June's Person of Inspiration, we managed to catch up with the perpetual globetrotting and uber chic, June Haynes, Global Luxury Consultant and Founder of June Haynes Luxury Retailing.

Wherever she is in the world, whether she's working passionately to open a luxury boutique in Paris or London or serving you tea and delicious delicacies in her beautiful home collected from her worldly travels and native country, several constants remain in this beautiful woman-- she is always donned from head-to-toe in beautiful, elegant, and fashionable garb that you will want to borrow and emulate; she is graceful, thoughtful, private, deeply humbled, and always has a kind word. She keeps faith, spirituality, and a positive mindset at the core of her being.

Her timely Instagram posts feature inspirational quotes that touch us and give us pause to question and reflect.

I am pleased to call her a dear friend and someone who mentors me daily. This month, "June in June", is sharing with us a little sneak peek into her world and how she keeps herself relevant in a forever evolving industry.

Join me Love Warriors in celebrating and honoring this month's honoree, June Haynes, who also celebrated a birthday this week.

Happy Birthday and Congratulations June!

1. What inspired your path in fashion?

Growing up in Guyana, my mother owned a clothing boutique. After school, my chore

was a stock girl. Every day, I would see the social engagement between my mom and

her customers. It was like a party and the clients always left with a purchase. My mom

had great social skills and had a talent for fashion and retail, those skills attracted me.

2. Tell us about June Haynes Luxury Retailing and what inspired you to step out

on your own and create your own consultant company?

JHLR is a global luxury consultancy, which is now 6 years old. I’ve spent over 27 years

as an executive in the luxury business. From opening Barney's NY Madison Avenue to

opening the first Dolce & Gabbana store in America then refining Valentino's retail

business, I felt it was time for me to hone in all of those experiences to help many other

brands grow their business. In addition, having my own luxury consultancy enables me

to excel at a work-life balance, has been something I wanted to achieve at this point in

my life. So, I gave birth to JHLR.

3. Would you mind sharing with us some of the luxury brands you have worked

with and which experience you’re most proud of?

For every experience that I partake in, I am humbled and blessed because they were all

so different. However, for me, I love the idea of arriving at the first. Some of my proud

achievements including opening the first-ever Dolce Gabbana in America then rolling

out the first ever boutiques in Americas for Gianvito Rossi and Elie Saab.

4. The Fashion industry is a very competitive, forever evolving, and an often

merciless business. How have you managed to navigate through it, while also

remaining relevant in the changing times?

Not just the fashion industry is changing, the world has changed, so it's about

evolution not revolution. I can’t do the same things the same way as I did 5 years ago, I

have to understand what my client needs are today and be flexible to supply those

needs. What's also helped me navigate through it all is my spirituality, which is the essence

of my life and has enabled me to recognize important values in my professional and

personal life.

5. What’s been your greatest challenge in your business and how did you

overcome it?

The greatest challenge as an entrepreneur is the financial security. In particular, as a

consultant working with client, eventually the contract ends. Therefore, it is important to

plan out the next opportunities.

6. How did you breakthrough the fashion barriers?

It’s not an easy thing to do. Regardless if it's a career or personal goals, when I want something, I go after it 110%.

If there's a will, there's a way. If there's a wall, there's ladder, so I never took No for an


7. What’s some advice you can give to someone wanting to break into the fashion


Think about what you are most passionate about and focus your energies on mastering

those skills, and always stride to lead and not follow.

8. You are a woman of extreme discipline whether it’s your health, fitness, and

beauty regime or it’s business. I admire that so much about you. How do you stay

so focused and disciplined and do you have suggestions for women in staying

motivated and intentional about their goals?

I would say part of my DNA is to have watched my mom who was focused at being the

best so she instilled that in me. I was smart enough to listen to her as she wasn’t having

it any other way and she was tough. As I got older it all made sense, I realized that

having the concrete values and disciplines will always set you apart from everyone


9. What are 3 self-care and business/entrepreneur practices you suggest women

do everyday?

I have 4:

1.Pray/Meditate everyday

2.Figure out your mantra and practice that everyday ...My everyday mantra is “Aspire to


3.Remain focus on your mission

4.Have fun

10. Many people may not know that you’re an island girl. Tell us a little something

about growing up in Guyana and coming to the States. What was that like for


It was a culture shock coming from Guyana to the States, especially attending junior

high school and being bullied because I was different. However, leaving Guyana with

fond memories when I was younger induces me to appreciate everything I earn today.

The island girl savior faire never left me.

11. You’re a very private person and I respect that so much in you. You are thisiconic fashion enigma. :) Would you be willing to share something private withus? :)

Occasionally, I need a taste of my upbringing, I slip on a pair of comfortable sneakers, escape to Queens, NY to get my grub on at the Guyanese bakery.

12. What’s next for JHLR?

We are working on many exciting new opportunities beyond fashion, so stay tuned.

Meet June:

June Haynes is the Founder and President of June Haynes Luxury Retailing -- JHLR, where she leverages over 27 years of experience in the luxury space to bring her knowledge and passion for the retail industry to global clients. June's journey into luxury flourished at Barney's New York where she managed the designer floor prior to opening the first ever Dolce and Gabbana flagship in the United States and other boutiques across North America. June moved to Valentino where she speak a 10-year tenure as Senior Vice President, growing the business in North America and Japan, before setting out to create JHLR. Throughout her years in the fashion industry, June continues to share her experiences by mentoring students and speaking engagements on topics including, global retail, entrepreneurship, and fashion and hospitality crossover. With her proven track records that lead to invaluable business insights, the success of JHLR and its partners is June's knowledge and attribute as a global luxury leader.

Be inspired by June by following her on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/june_haynes_jhlr/​

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