March's Spring Detox

Do you love Springtime as much as I do -- flowers blooming, nature coming back to life, longer days, the smell of fresh air and the excitement of new beginnings? It is our time for rebirth -- to shed the old and bring in the new.

It's also nearing the end of the first quarter of the new year and a great time to check in with our goals from the start of the year and assess where we are in achieving what we set out to accomplish for 2019.

While we check in with our goals, Spring is also a great time to check in with our hearts and detox what's no longer serving us. What can we be more of or less of?

The 5 tips I'm offering below to spiritually cleanse this Spring, I believe are the most important keys to having a healthy, happy, healed, and whole heart. If you want to feel really good in your life, in spite of any of your circumstances, consider these tools and incorporating them into your daily spiritual practices.


1. Forgive and let go. Whatever happened yesterday, try to let it go. Breathe, pause and take time for yourself. Breathe love into the parts of your heart that feel hurt, angry, bitter or betrayed. Begin to release the person and the experience through daily meditation, prayers, journaling, sending the person loving-kindness for 30 days. Release it through tears, screaming, exercising, spending time in nature. Whatever it is, try to let it go. Forgiveness is an act of self-love and self-compassion. When we forgive it opens our hearts to deeper and greater Divine love.

2. Silence the inner-critic and judge. Do you speak harshly to yourself? Are you constantly berating yourself for what you did wrong? What you should have done? That you can't get it right? Not good enough? Don't deserve goodness?

This spring detox newsletter is a reminder for you to silence that lying, evil, little pesky inner-judge. Try even to notice how you speak to yourself. Do you speak kindly to yourself -- with love and compassion? Can you speak positive words of affirmation to yourself daily and say something kind to yourself? Give yourself a compliment each day. We are each a spark of Divine love. We are already loved, lovable, and good enough! Be your inner-cheerleader and speak lovingly into your heart.

3. Embrace your inner-child. There is a young child within each of us that often feels afraid, neglected, abandoned, and unloved. Give your inner-child a hug each day. Let her know she's safe and she's good enough. Allow her to come out and play in nature and in creativity. We heal our old wounds by giving our inner-child permission to express herself and embrace the wonder, excitement, fearlessness, and creativity we once enjoyed as children.

4. Practice gratitude. It's so easy to go down the rabbit-hole of negativity and fear when scary things are happening to us or when we feel like we're suffering and struggling. But we can mind our thinking by focusing on our blessings daily. If you have your health, ask anyone who doesn't and you'll realize just how much of a blessing it is when you have it. Focusing on what we have rather than on what we don't have, engenders a healthier mindset, mood, and heart. Consider writing down what you're grateful for each day or silently whisper it in your prayers and meditation.

A grateful heart is a happy heart!

5. Be in the moment. Practice mindfulness by bringing your awareness to your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Notice who you are in each moment. There are a plethora of benefits from practicing mindfulness, including: greater self-awareness (which improves relationships), more miracles and synchronicities, stronger clarity & focus, enhanced intuition and creativity, and a greater sense of purpose.

I hope you find these tools helpful to you and that it supports you in creating the season that you desire.

Big Love,

Angela xo

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