May's Person of Inspiration Sara Wiseman, What Happens When We Say YES To The Universe

18 years ago, I had a near death experience that changed my life.

On the one hand, it was terrifying—I could have died. On the other hand, it was exhilarating—I experienced the Divine a way I’d never imagined possible.

But the bigger thing was, that N.D.E changed me. My psychic abilities opened up, my spiritual understanding expanded, and when I tried to fit back into my previous work, activities, relationships—I couldn’t.

I had been changed.

And so began the painful process of letting go of my old life—my old self. Most people call the dark night of the soul, and if you’ve been there, you know—it wasn’t easy or pretty. The Universe was request this—insistently and loudly and with a lot of discomfort—and it was asking me to say “yes”. The Universe was asking me to say “yes” to my true self, and to step into who I was meant to be.

So I said “yes,” and my former life dissolved, and I began to search for who I really ways.

And after that first “yes”? Well, I figured I was home free! I’d done my part. I’d answered the call. What more could the Universe ask of me?

Except what I didn’t know is that this process of spiritual awakening—this process of saying “yes”—never stops. Not for me, not for you, not for anyone on the seeker’s path.

We’re continually being asked to step into our true self.

Of course, you don’t to have a near death experience to experience awakening! The process is as simple as deciding you want to become conscious—and then allowing that to happen. Spiritual and holistic practices are bridges: prayer, meditation, stillness, nature, creativity, movement—anything that gets your rational, ambitious, “to do” list brain out of the way.

It is about becoming still—not just once in a while, but all the time—and letting this stillness inform you.

At first, it can be a struggle to become still—the mind wants us to do and achieve and stay distracted. And the emotions! When we first become still, we start to feel everything that we have been trying to avoid feeling!

But we get through it. We soften into it.

And somewhere in this stillness, we come to know that the Universe is with us. That we are supported. That there isn’t any particular “right” path. That this journey of expanding awareness is what we’re really here for.

It’s here— in this state of awareness —that the Universe starts working with us in an active way. Out of the blue, we start to come across new ideas, experiences and opportunities that the mind/ego/personality might have never considered.

The Universe invites us to partake!

The answer, “yes” or “no”, is our choice.

Fast forward to now. My expansion—and yours—continues. This is how it works—soul growth doesn’t stop. It is easy to recall these great moments of change, those moments that shifted our whole life:

“That was the moment I changed.”

“That was the moment I woke up.”

What we don’t expect, is that after that first shift, that first “yes”, is that our life will become a progression of shifts—more opening, more expansion—until we finally begin to live life in a way that is expanding all the time.

The dishes are still there.

The traffic is still there.

The problem is still there.

The pain is still there.

The anger is still there.

The only difference is that we see it all differently.

In 2008, eight years after my first sudden and confused “yes”, I found myself on the beach in Washington state—seagulls soaring, rain drizzling, waves crashing—with tears streaming down my cheeks because I had started to channel spiritual teachings in writing—not just a little bit, but huge downloads of information that kept coming and coming and coming—and I did not want to say yes to this.

I did not want this task! I already said “yes” once! It’s too much to be asked again! And so, crying and sobbing and suffering, I put my face up to the wet, grey sky, and I said “yes” anyway.

And of course, as these things always work, the very next morning there was an email from a literary agent, who wondered if wanted to write a book about channeling. To which I said “yes” and stepped further into my true self.

Thousands of “yeses” later, what I have finally learned is this: the more I say “yes” to the Universe, the easier and more enjoyable my life becomes.

I no longer try to control or manifest or attract.

I no longer let my mind run the show.

I no longer do what I “should” do.

Instead, I say “yes” to where the Universe is leading me. Even when it doesn’t make sense, or it isn’t what I thought I wanted, or it’s not what I had planned, or all the other ideas the ego has about how things should be.

If you are struggling to find your way, or if you know your way but can’t quite see your next step, you may find it useful to let yourself become still—and after the mind and the emotions have finished their churning chaos—just notice what is there for you in that stillness.

You may also find it useful to simply say “yes” to whatever seems to be showing up unexpectedly, out of the blue or synchronistically—for this is how the Universe guides us.

Meet Sara:

Sara Wiseman is a visionary spiritual teacher and award-winning author of numerous books on spirituality and intuition, including Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker’s Soul. She’s reached tens of thousands of students worldwide via Intuition University, hosts the Ask Sara radio show and Spiritual Psychic podcast with over 2 million subscribers, and writes the award-winning Daily Divine blog .

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