Sometimes The Universe Gives Us EXACTLY What We Ask For

Love Warrior!

Happy Month of May!

I hope that your April was filled with many moments of magic and synchronicities, aha moments!, life-transforming opportunities, and loads of love and abundance!

​​​​​​​April, for me, was a season of 'spring' spiritual cleansing and detoxification. I experienced multiple challenges that stretched my faith, my character, and my heart. Though they weren't easy, my obstacles allowed me to shed some fears and parts of myself that I believe are no longer needed for this next season.

​​​​​​​Life is a series of spiritual awakenings and rebirths. How has your spirit (re)awakened so far this year?

So, I wanted to share with you today an experience that happened to me this past week, which demonstrates just how closely the Universe listens to us and how it gives us EXACTLY what we ask for, even if it doesn't quite look how we imagined.

This past week I have been traveling in New York City for the Womeneur Conference speaking engagement. It was loads of fun! I was reinvigorated being back on the stage speaking in front of beautiful and inspiring women entrepreneurs about personal development and self-love.

​​​​​​​Before arriving into New York City, I must admit that I had several anxieties. Not about the speaking engagement, but about reconnecting with the city that I now truly realize just how much joy AND pain it once brought me. Believe it or not, after 3 years since my exodus from New York, my memories here are still deeply encoded into my spiritual psyche. At any given moment while walking throughout the streets of the city, a unique smell, sound, or sight will flood my heart and senses with a memory so palpable that it either makes me smile or cry. Sometimes the tears are for joy and/or for nostalgia.

Also, before my travels began a couple weeks ago, again, admittedly, I lamented over my needs for time to myself and disconnection from the outside world. Do you ever feel that way? Like you just need some downtime? Especially if you're an entrepreneur, a 24 hour 7 days a week job, I might add, or a coach, caregiver, or in any other service work? We are constantly giving and giving and sometimes we simply need time to be still and slow down.

Well, less than 24 hours upon my arrival to New York City, I awoke to my mobile phone "mysteriously" dead and broken down. Initially, feeling a slight panic, I rushed to T-Mobile, only to discover that my phone was unsalvageable. Much to my chagrin, they informed me of my options to purchase a new phone.

I was in a bit of shock because it happened out of "nowhere". Or so I momentarily thought. I quickly decided that since there was no coincidence to my phone breaking down, though it appeared an inopportune time, that I woundn't replace my phone right away. I believed that it was meant for me, for whatever reason, not to have a phone whilst on this trip.

Later that evening while at a friend's house for dinner, I commented about how prior to my arrival to NYC that I was looking forward to just "me" time, and JUST in that immediate moment, it HIT me and I said, "WOW...this is EXACTLY why my phone stopped working." I remembered that "I" asked the Universe for some quiet, downtime. And guess what? I got it!!!

Although the answers to my request didn't quite look like I imagined, my EXACT prayer was answered. I have enjoyed nearly 6 glorious days in the hustle and bustle of New York City without my phone. Even though there have been moments of slight inconvenience, I have survived.

The absence of my phone has allowed me to be keenly present and aware, especially of my feelings and memories, allowing me to remember, reflect, release, and heal, a bit more. It has allowed me to move more calmly and slowly, taking in everything around me. It has allowed me to be fully engaged and present with my friends -- laughing, and laughing, and laughing some more. And lastly, and what I am most proud of, is that it has shown me my own further personal growth in dealing with challenges and attachments. In spite of not having my phone with me, I have felt incredibly happy and peaceful and have had a beautiful trip to NYC with dear friends.

The real questions and tests in life are -- can we find peace and faith in times of adversity? Can we rest in what is? Can we look at our experiences with a larger perspective? A spiritual perspective? If we miss the spiritual perspective, we miss the opportunity for growth and healing.

Remember, things are not happening to us. They are happening for us. So when disturbances happen, as it did to me this past week, we will do more than survive. We will thrive through the upset.

The next time something goes awry in your life. Maybe your boss pisses you off, you get laid off from your job, a relationship ends, you lose your phone, you step in a puddle, or you lose some money, can you pause and reflect for a moment and remember what you've been praying for.

Maybe you prayed for a new job? Or more patience? Maybe you prayed for less anger and more forgiveness and kindness toward others? Or maybe more time to yourself and less stress in your life. Most times answers to our prayers don't show up in a picture perfect scene. Often they show up messy, stressful, and unexpectedly, to teach us the lessons and skills that we prayed for. We learn that lessons and prayers are often answered through contrast and challenges. We don't learn them when things are going perfectly and smoothly.

Love Warriors, I hope this story inspires you and that you keep this in mind the next time life presents a challenge to you.

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