Discovering the Leprechaun: How Our Mindset Shapes Our Prosperity

How many of you have heard during times of financial challenges, “you need to fix your mindset?” Sometimes that admonition is a hard pill to swallow, especially when it seems that circumstances are happening beyond your control. But while that may be true in certain times, what I have learned and continue to learn as a burgeoning entrepreneur, our mindset toward money and prosperity has a lot more to do with our financial success than we may often realize.

There are two different mindsets to have regarding prosperity, abundance or scarcity. Depending on our childhood upbringing and the values we learned, whether directly or indirectly, from our parents, family, culture, religion, etc., our views are deeply shaped by these early influences as to whether money is in abundance or in scarcity or lack. We also learn our relationship with money and our spending patterns from our parents or primary caregivers. We inherit their money DNA belief system.

Although we cannot turn back the clocks and change our childhood, we can become aware of our thoughts and belief systems about money and begin to create a shift in them.

Perhaps there was not a lot of money in your family while growing up, so, your belief may be that money is “hard to come by” or “doesn’t grow on trees”. Any of those sentiments sound familiar? Or maybe money was plentiful in your upbringing but you still heard others say, “money is evil” or “rich people are bad”, thus creating shame around financial success.

In either scenario, in order to transform our beliefs about money, we are encouraged, first, to become aware of our actual thoughts and beliefs about it.

Take a moment now and in a sentence or two write down your beliefs about money. Maybe those beliefs still lie unconsciously dormant in your mind, but try to pause and reflect on your experiences with money. What does that picture look like? What has been your relationship with money? Abundance or Scarcity?

Now, write that belief down. Without judgement or condemnation, but with compassion and kindness, embrace your deficits or struggles with money. Forgive yourself for poor money choices, for overspending, for debt, or for holding back selfishly with money.

Recognize that you are not an infallible human being and that you are capable of making mistakes. Forgive your past money mistakes.

Now, with your new awareness, close your eyes and visualize the relationship you want with money. What does it look like? Hold onto that vision. Create a mantra or affirmation or simply repeat, when thoughts of money come up,

“I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

With your eyes closed and in meditation feel abundance in your heart as a warm, glowing, gold light. Feel that abundance in the cells of your body. Notice abundance everywhere — in the strands of grass or flowers in your yard or the abundance of water in the ocean, or the abundance of animals and wildlife that roam the planet. Feel life’s abundance in your entire being.

When money matters come up —when you have to withdraw money out of an ATM machine or write a check to pay a bill, if you feel your chest tighten, repeat either:

“I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” “I am a money magnet.” “Money flows to me easily and effortlessly,” or “I forgive myself.”

And lastly,

Act as if…

That’s right…feel, act and own the abundance that is your natural birthright. Feel prosperity as if it’s already yours. Imagine bills paid. When self-doubt and fear arise, combat them with loving thoughts of abundance and prosperity, over and over, and over again. This practice has worked for me when old thoughts attempt to rear their ugly heads. Continue to speak your new truth whenever old thoughts show up. If you focus on controlling your mindset incessantly and avoid allowing it to sit in fear and lack, you will experience shifts in prosperity. But we must be unwavering in our mindset. We must exercise full control over our minds without allowing it to control us.

Good luck Love Warriors. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

If you want to experience a shift and breakthrough in your prosperity, email me at to book your complimentary 30-minute Love Breakthrough Call. I am here to help you!

Big Love,


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