February's Person of Inspiration -- Anaiya Sophia "Fierce, Fierce Feminine: One Woman's

I wish I could say In the Beginning I was wild and unruly, creative and fun! That I was free to speak and free to love. But I wasn’t. I was born shy, often alone and eager to please. I believe I silently agreed to take on all this whilst in the womb. Like a slow motion passing of the baton, I took from my mother that which she was unable to address and heal. And by the time I was born, I fitted in perfectly to that which the world expected from me – a good little girl.

I was a pale imitation of what my soul ached to live. My connection to who I really was hung by a diminishing thread as the memory of I AM was almost forgotten.

It wasn’t until I got married, or rather divorced when things began to really melt down and change. That was the great gift of marrying a psychopath! People say it was a sweet and smiley angel that descended into that hell hole, God knows it was a Wild Woman that clawed Herself back out. With dirt under my broken finger nails, tangled and matted, wild hair, I started to piece myself together.

Little did I know that in the quiet and unseen dark, She, sung over my bones, bringing me back to life with a renewed vigour and purpose. She knew that I had undergone a terrible initiation, and that once relatively able, I would Rise on Her behalf and shout No More to all those who were suffering a similar or same fate.

My story is Herstory. And She is the Fierce, Fierce Feminine, whose time is NOW!

She is reaching into our every life and imbuing her ferocity within those who are ready, willing and able to surrender to Her vison. She does not bow down to societal demands and expectations as she has her own moral code. She is here to free people, animals and the planet from the onslaught of greed, control and disregard. It is essential that this Fierce Force is given the space She requires to complete the purpose she has been called upon to do.

Woman cannot be silenced or bound any longer. The molten core of Her heart has become filled with the years we have been imagining everything is going to turn out okay. It may not. We may become extinct taking a large chunk of nature with us. And this could happen soon. From my quiet confines, I began to stand as She. Together we are facing the death machine as an opposing and immense power that threatens total annihilation. She is the force that will end it, either way. She cries out to anyone listening, to prepare for a possible new future and to joyfully live out our last year’s leaving the planet better off than when we came to it. At the 11th hour She offers us all one last chance. “Join with me.” she breathes. And in an act of uncompromising mercy She holds out Her hand offering us the wisdom to cut through denial and illusion, and help birth a new future for all. The only catch, the moment you touch Her hand you are infused with a quickening that is translated through you into action. She offers a unique and individual embodiment process that must not be blocked or it will become lost. My urgent request brought forth a wild and unruly energy who prised me away from the false agreements I had been making with the little (w)orld. In return, I was propelled into Reality, equipped with discernment, vigorous energy and a cause to get behind. These 7-Steps Ignite your Fierce Feminine, and sniff out the ways we silence Her.

The first thing She drew my attention to was the fact that I was isolated. I had let go of all my friends and I had no community. “How can I build upon that which has no solid ground?” She screamed.

1. Fierce Rootedness

There is a sickness within humanity today, a deep suppression of our interconnectivity as the powers that be continually try to segregate, separate and stagnate our natural tendencies to share and pass on our wisdom. This false way of living keeps us flighty, flaky and unable to manifest our sacred gifts. We are rendered disconnected, disenchanted and disloyal to all that has been given to us. We must crack open the cage that isolates us and get connected to the causes and concerns that break our heart. Waste no more time, find our tribe, find our location and settle down to task in hand, becoming trustable guardians of our local domain.

It's time to sink down into our roots, reconnecting with the natural, the primal and the instinctual. It's time to untether and reclaim all the aspects of ourselves that have been shamed, hidden and tamped down so we can ground our full being & powerful medicine into the world. We are to Stand as She. Unapologetic, Unashamed and Unmoving. Pass on our wisdom. Inform, Inspire and Illuminate.

Our very lives and the wellbeing of humanity depend on it now.

Pass On Your Wisdom.

Next on Her list was my choice of partners, particularly their vibration and what their frequency represented. This was incredibly disheartening, as I had a penchant for bad boys. 2. Fierce Sexuality

According to highest tantric texts and the sacred wisdom being remembered by priestesses today, the sexual act is not only the most potent transformational medicine, but is the hidden doorway to unprecedented awakening. Sexual alchemy is the transformation of our dense nature into something more refined and pure, IF we create the sacred space for Her to enter. Like the symbol of the cross, there is the vertical mark that symbolizes the masculine plane out into the cosmos and the horizontal mark that symbolizes the feminine plane out into the world. When we bring these two together in ourselves, and with another we create the rigorous life energy and depth of being that we are so going to need. This sacred infusion of aliveness will bless our bodies, minds and hearts with the endurance and stamina needed to keep on, keeping on.

It is time to sink into our genitals, and stop wasting our energy on mindless sex that is goal orientated, or plugged into the pornographic world. These human tendencies have been monopolised by a very dark force that ensnares our vital life-force creating a powerful addiction that snuffs out the beckoning doorway to this vast awakening and intimacy with another. This is precisely what they want. Addictive, snivelling wretches unable to see or care about, what is going on around them. Sexual Junkies.

The very power that could set us on fire must not be dampened by compromise.

Reclaim and Elevate your Sovereign Sexuality.

Then she turned to my footprint upon the planet… this was not easy to see, or feel.

3. Fierce Accountability

It’s time to apply the Fierce Feminine to the realm of boundaries, standing up and saying NO to the energetic drains, the distractions and the constant onslaught of social media and the ‘To Do’ list. All of this weakens our will, and is brilliantly designed to do so. We are being urged to look at our wishy-washy choices, half-hearted decisions and feelings of entitlement and scream out No More! Instead let us tap into the energy of rebellion and the sacred rebel within us. Be the re-sister to all that is false and untrue.

Accountability, Integrity and Honour are the qualities that smash to smithereens the doctrine forced upon us. We must remember there are right and wrong actions in this world.

The Fierce Feminine is hunting for people who are willing to stand up and say NO: not on my watch am I going to let you take away the basic human rights and dignity of my brothers and sisters. She needs men and women to bring the cruel and barbaric daily horrors to an end.

Everyday animals, nature and people are forced to give up their meat, land, time in an attempt to feed the insane hunger of an over-populated world. The only entitlement we have is to share the resources that are mindfully given.

No one is more deserving than another.

Be Accountable for Everything you Consume.

Next on Her list was all the things I was saying yes to, when my real response was actually NO! “Stop agreeing to that which diminishes you.”

4. Fierce Courage

It takes courage to speak out against the tide of opinion. And that is exactly what we have to do. We have to speak out, love more, humble ourselves often, tell the truth, show up, go out on a limb, defend the innocent and trust our intuition.

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you. This means that you don’t get away from feeling the fear, or even being trampled by it. But when you can, you rise and Stand as She, ready, willing and able to do what must be done.

For too long we have stayed in abusive relationships, denied the amount of debt we are in, turned our back on cruel behaviour, protected the industries we have worked for, defended the country we were born into and hidden the many ways in which our hearts are broken. It is time to NOT live up to the expectations placed upon us. It is time to disregard other people’s opinions and to live by our moral compass.

Again, society has been rendered useless under the spell of ‘what other people might think’. This creates a status quo held in place by false means. I suggest we examine carefully all that we are agreeing to quite simply because we are too afraid to challenge it.

A Yes, is a yes. A No, is a no. And a Don’t know, is also a no. Ask yourself some uncomfortable questions about your relationships, your location, your work and your health.

Take Heart and Be Brave.

She then challenged me to only speak Truth. Truth of my feelings, truth of my thoughts, truth of how I see things and truth of my actions. And, the Truth to speak out when something wrong.

5. Fierce Truth

Spiritual awakening and self-actualization are no longer a luxury, they are an imperative. Because of our collective level of access, privilege, and opportunity, we should be a moral and awake force on this planet, continually transforming the world into a better place than when we found it. One of the ways in which we sabotage our brilliance and effectiveness is through not telling the truth. Lies, secrets and cover-ups create the weight of guilt upon our shoulders dulling down our beauty and spontaneity, giving rise to anger. Guilt is once again an energy that the powers that be, love to play with. Pulling us here, there and everywhere the whole artificial world is created by the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of guilt, leaving us feeling like rudderless ships upon the ocean.

The only way out of this quagmire is by telling the truth. Absolute and relative. We must wield the sword of discernment, cutting through denial and illusion until we find the pure and untainted Truth. And this feels dangerous. And it is. We fear we will lose something if we reveal it. So we stay silent. But we cannot carry on this way.

We must light up like a meteor, and access our sacred rage as we excavate our throats in search of our authentic voice. Let us create safe container’s where we can access these deep-down voices, and encourage one another to sound them with full authenticity. Over time our one voice will join with many others to become a unified sound of (r)evolution.

Our sacred rage is the catalysing agent of change.

Permit yourself the Power to Speak the Truth.

She then brought home an excruciating blow. She told me I was prostituting my intuition. How I would give it away for the right price, right person, or right circumstance.

6. Fierce Intuition

The overall health of our mind, body and soul depends on how free we are to express our intuition -- which has been repressed for far too long. Since the forgetting times, we have feared expressing our innate wisdom and sense of how things really are. We have tamed ourselves, kept ourselves small often ignored our pure knowing for fear of being harmed. We turned our back on our intuition after millennia of being judged, tortured, shamed and killed because of it. No wonder it is so hard to trust in ourselves again. But that is exactly what we must now do. She will speak to us through this feminine channel. For those with the ears to hear is Her voice heard. And this is her rehabilitation process. By trusting, Her voice is heard. By listening, our trust is restored.

Trust and Intuition go hand in hand. Each feeds the other. Surrender your masculine mind and its insistent need for proof, logic and clear-thinking. Delve deep into the animal nature of your being, and sniff, snuffle, track and scan. Everything you need to know is within you. Remember Her channel is wisdom, discernment, knowing and a pure sense.

Trust your Intuition. See things as they really are.

Finally, the real test. Unyielding Faith in Her. To have faith that God, is this…

7. Fierce Faith

These days most of us are in survival mode, our nervous systems continually activated by the horrors being inflicted on people, places and animals across the globe. This is unsustainable, so we have to find ways to nurture and come home to ourselves.

The crises of our time are all variations on the theme of separation. Until we awaken to origins, the deep wellspring of our essential nature we will not flourish.

In these chaotic times, we need a spiritual resource to ground us so we can stay centered in our sacred work & do what really matters each day. We need to lean into the spiritual technology and sustenance contained within ritual, prayer and ceremony to galvanise our personal resources. However, there is trap out there, and that is the false teachers, communities and religions that entice you to their door. They do not offer you faith, but fear. They take the precious stirrings of your soul and throw you back down to the dogs. We must be vigilant and trust our hunches, and should we suspect we are in the grip of a false guru, leave immediately. The level of damage can be immense, and extremely dangerous. Cultivating faith is a vulnerable process, and must be treated with reverence and care. To have Faith is to have complete trust. It does not require signs, evidence, confirmation or any form of apparition. It just is. All the good work you put in, will feed you, inform you and strengthen you. Have Faith in the Rising Up that you feel in your Heart. The Fierce Feminine is Public Enemy No:1 and extremely damaging to a society built on greed, lies and control. This primitive, unapologetic natural force is rising within me, and anyone who wants this. Are you ready?

About Anaiya

Anaiya Sophia is an independent mystic of an almost forgotten faith and a teacher of Kundalini Yoga. She carries an Oral Transmission from the Sacred Feminine Mysteries which she weaves into all her gatherings. This mystical tradition is a continuous lineage with the Feminine Principle that throughout the centuries has preserved its spiritual dignity, without need for permission or recognition from any other source. Anaiya breathes the Wisdom of the Feminine Principle into the transformational processes we long for.

She recognizes the need for Initiation, and uses the vast intelligence of her years to orchestrate those Rites of Passage. Her methods carry the hallmarks of a mystic, so unmistakable in today's sugarcoated world of partial truth and placating love. Her ferocious allegiance to direct experience and radical revelation imparts a wisdom that enflames you.

Anaiya is no spiritual lightweight. She has spent the first half of her life soaking up the Christ teachings of the Sacred Heart and Mary Mysteries of the Holy Body. She now turns her attention to Gnosis - the absolute 'in your face' obliterating truth of Direct Connection!

Her realm of transformation lies within the internal conflicts and influences within us that resist the staggering awakening that lies before us. She beckons us towards the Initiatory Rites and powerful processes that ignite the Permission and Power to Speak Up, revealing our divine remembrance in ways that can, and must be lived. She addresses head on the many challenges that stand in our way and the inner alchemy to overcome them.

Her books include:

Open your Heart with Kundalini Yoga (Harper Collins, 2002)

Pilgrimage of Love (Lulu, 2011)

Womb Wisdom (Inner Traditions, 2011)

Sacred Sexual Union (Inner Traditions, 2013)

The Rose Knight (Lulu, 2014)

Sacred Relationships: The Practice of Intimate Erotic Love (Inner Traditions, 2017)

Anaiya lives in the Occitan region of Southern France with her beloved husband Pete Wilson. They operate a Bed & Breakfast where individuals and small groups can come and stay. All their guests leave forever changed.

Anaiya is able to conduct Baptism, Marriage, Divorce and Death Rite Ceremonies.

Facebook: Anaiya Sophia

Instagram: Anaiya Sophia

Website: www.anaiyasophia.com

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