Are You Living With Spiritual Integrity?

I have an important question for you today? Are you practicing spiritual integrity? What does that mean? Integrity (inˈteɡrədē), is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Or in simpler terms, how we behave when no one else is watching. Spiritual Integrity, I describe as the quality of aligning our choices with our highest, most authentic self. Spiritual integrity may not involve our moral compass per se, or right or wrong, but it speaks to our commitment to honor our spirit in the decisions we make, whether we live our truth or our untruth. Thus, when faced with making difficult decisions, do we make choices that allow us to stand in our greatest truth or do we wax and wane when there might be more favorable gain for us in the material world? For instance, when there's a choice to make a lot of money, of course legally and morally, but incongruent with our spiritual fabric, which choice do we make? Do we choose the option that might help us out of a financial pinch or create business success, or do we choose what feels good and aligns with our spirit? I believe that the cost of compromising our spiritual integrity is a high price to pay. Not because others will judge or condemn us, they may not have insight into our internal struggle, but more important, the judgment we may cast upon ourselves. And we know, the path of self-judgment can lead us on a treacherous road toward fragmentation and self-loathing. If the goal is self-love and self-acceptance then might our choices be congruent with honoring our truth and authenticity? When we honor our truth and stand in our authentic power, we embrace the qualities and true essence of self-love. When life throws you a test to your spiritual integrity, consider the repercussions of going against your true design. Choose what feels good to your soul in spite of popular opinion. What will bring peace and harmony to your soul, even if the results aren't exactly as you desire? What will make you feel proud when you look at the reflection in the mirror or when you sit silently in prayer and meditation? Even if your decision doesn't net what you desire immediately, eventually, if you wait and stay the course, a different option will show up or be created that will bring you to the desires of your heart. Ask yourself today, "am I living with spiritual integrity?"

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