Are You Sitting In Your Feelings Or Settling In Them?

From last week's blog, I received a lot of feedback and response from many of you. Thank you for your words and kind support. I am thankful whenever my words resonate with any of you. Never hesitate writing to me. I read each and every email I receive and am delighted to hear from you. So, this week's blog is a continuation, Part Deux, of last week's blog, Are You Going Through A Storm Or A Transition? I'd like to expand further on that and ask you, when things are pressed tightly against you, whether in a storm or a transition, do you sit in your feelings or settle in them? My Dad always says to me when I'm going through a major challenge or any type of shift that may impact my feelings or motivation, "Honey, be sure not to make this a parking lot." I take these words to heart. Never minimize your feelings. They are the gateway toward your healing. We must feel in order to heal. The ability to touch the fragility of our hearts with tenderness and compassion is a blessing, a gift of self-love, and the journey toward wholeness. It is our right and our benefit to sit with our feelings, hold and comfort them, and move through them as if we're merely passing through. Whenever we experience upset, we can sit with our feelings, as a rest stop, but not settle in them too long and make them a parking zone. Feelings are transient. They can change in a mere second. So, always honor your feelings, but keep your hazard lights on. Even when you experience the heaviness of grief and loss, continually move through it. No matter how slowly you move, just keep passing through. It may not feeling like you're moving, however, each day you are moving closer and closer to the light at the of the tunnel. Grief is heavy and dense and thus, more challenging to move through. I liken it to walking through quick-sand. It may feel like it's pulling us down but if we remain steadfast, keep our balance, and hold onto hope, faith, and God's grace and mercy, we will pass through it. If you find that you're stuck in an area of negative emotions, consider daily prayer, journaling, and mediation. Seek guidance and support from a trusted and loving community and speak to a professional if you find that the pain is not getting any lighter. Love Warriors, love yourself today by honoring your feelings and moving through them, as we are intended to. Don't cling onto emotions. Feel all of them, but be mindful not to project them onto others or make them your permanent home. We are not our feelings. They are merely our experience.

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