Are You Going Through A Storm Or A Transition?

Life never promises that we won't go through challenges and tough times. They are an inevitable fact of life. But there is one important thing to decipher when we're faced with a setback and what appears to be an obstacle, and that is to question, are we actually going through a storm or a transition? They both may feel the same at times, but this is how I've come to distinguish between the two. Earlier this summer I was faced with some unexpected challenges. When it struck me, I immediately paused and reminded myself to take a grip and hold on tightly. Initially, with deepened shock and sadness, I thought, "oh we go!" I briefly thought that things were falling apart in my life. But, after sitting and reflecting, I realized, things weren't falling apart at all. They were actually coming together. What appeared as my life turning upside down was God taking me through a big transition. I wasn't going through a storm at all. It was up to me whether I was going to suffer along this transition or embrace it and trust God's lead. I did and have decided to trust God. As I have shared in my previous blogs, when life throws us a challenge, we must remember what we prayed for. I knew in my heart that this transition, though it felt uncomfortable, was actually leading me to what I've asked the Universe to guide me to. It was a blessing. I believe when storm shows up in our lives that God wants to tweak parts of our character. He wants to strengthen us and remove the parts of us that are no longer useful to him, no longer part of his design for us. A storm is a heavy period of deep healing, grief, and recovery. It may feel like we've lost everything and the pain and sadness can feel unbearable at times. But God uses these moments to grow us, to evolve our souls so that he can use us for his purposes. On the other hand, going through a transition is different but might feel slightly similar. A transition feels uncomfortable, yet, if we brace ourselves and notice that it's just a shift and transformation to what we've called for, then we can relax a bit, let go of our grip, and enjoy the journey. If we step back we can see where the dots are connecting ahead of us. Remember, God has to produce contrast in order for our lives to transform and move us to a new chapter. Could you imagine if life were designed so that we never felt the shift between different stages? How on earth would we know a transformation has even taken place? How could we be grateful and joyful over our new blessings? Life would be one insipid, blended story. So, the next time you feel like you're being squeezed, take stock, and notice if it's a storm or a transition. When it seems that life is falling apart, most times it's actually coming together. It's creating an opportunity to guide you to the desires and seeds planted deeply within your heart. And although periods of transitions can feel uncomfortable, can you embrace it? Can you allow yourself to sit, but not settle, in the discomfort? Can you pray, meditate, and journal about all that's happening around you? I challenge you to view your transitions differently. When you do you'll have more fun. It'll be easier and you'll realize that this transition is only temporary. Be where you are and know that this too shall pass and your dreams will unfold in God's most magical and miraculous design.

Many Blessings!

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