This Simple Action Can Raise Your Vibration Faster Than Gratitude

When I decided to write today's blog, yesterday, I didn't realize that today is World Gratitude Day! This blog is definitely not a knock on the practice of gratitude because I believe very strongly in its power. It is a deeply meaningful, daily practice in my life.

When we're focused on what's good in our lives, we feel good. When we're complaining and focused on what's bad in our lives, naturally, we're going to feel badly. Making the deliberate and conscious intention to focus on gratitude in the midst of a storm can shift one's mindset and elevate our mood and vibration. So, let's give a shout out to gratitude today and take a moment to thing of 5 things we're grateful for!! Do something today that exercises your practice of gratitude, i.e., write in your gratitude journal, say a prayer of gratitude, or write a thank you note to someone expressing how much they mean to you or how much you appreciated their support.

In today's blog, though, I want to focus on something that I realized about myself this summer. This past summer I spent a lot of time reflecting and doing something that is so close to my heart. Something that makes me smile and giggle from the inside. So, what is this big secret that I have that can change your life, you're asking? It's not revolutionary. In fact, you have had access to it all of your life. It has never left you. You actually may have left and abandoned it. But it's there, waiting to reconnect to you.

I am deeply convinced that if you want to feel good and lift your mood even faster than gratitude then PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! Find and reconnect to your inner-child. Consider making it a necessity to remember what it was like to be a child again. I make playtime an essential and fundamental part of my being and I strongly encourage my clients to do the same. They will all tell you, I ask them each week, "Did you play?"

I have not lost my child-like disposition. In fact, I realized this summer that when I am "adulting", with other adults who are stuck in "adulting", I'm not happy!! I can only adult for so long before I get bored and not as cheerful. Let's be real, being an adult is overrated. It's boring, serious, and has way too many responsibilities! Yes, the wisdom and maturity that comes with being an adult is great, however, forgetting what it is like to be a kid and able to tap easily into the playfulness, wonder, curiosity, and awe of a child is disappointing and can have us missing out on a lot of fun and adventure in our lives.

Finding time for play is an act of self-care. It is healthy to have fun and adventure in our lives. And I'm not referring to sitting at the bar and throwing back a few drinks. That's what grown-ups do. Take a moment and remember what you enjoyed doing as a child and spend time doing it. Don't judge yourself or focus on the opinions of others. What's important is remembering the things that made you smile as child.

Take a moment and think about what do kids enjoy doing?

Here are a few suggestions: organize an adult softball or kickball team (how fun would that be??), bowling, miniature golf, amusement parks, feeding pigeons or fish at a park, sitting on a swing at the park, walking through rain puddles, drawing, coloring, finger painting, frolicking in the ocean waves, walking through sand on the beach, walking barefoot in the park, picnic in the park, eating ice cream on a cone, hiking through nature, playing board games, Twister, swimming, or ice/roller skating.

There are a bevy of things we can do to reconnect and engage with our inner-child. The key is to make it an important, non-negotiable part of your life.

Life is so sweet when we're having fun. Consider today, making PLAY! your closest friend. You'll thank me later. And if you have physical limitations, board and card games or arts and crafts are an excellent way to still be playful.

Call to Action: PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!

Big Love,


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