Who Is Your Source?

Who is your Source? Is it your spouse or partner? Your friends? Your children? Your Boss?

Clients? Or your bank accounts? Who do you assign the task of filling your cup and giving you joy and strength? Whomever is your source, controls your happiness. Thus, if your source is your money and your business clients or your husband or wife, then they will dictate your life. Such that, when that source is cooperating with you and overflowing in your life, then you'll be happy. But, what happens if your source leaves you? Betrays or hurts you? Angers you? Or the economy or your bank account dries up? Can you still find peace, joy, and strength? Wherever we place our faith is where we place our power. If your faith is placed in your relationship working out or in your job security, or the steady flow of clients and big new deals rolling in, then your happiness is not only fragile, teetering on the perpetual possibility of floundering, but your happiness will always elude you. It will never fully be in your grasp. I have been through multiple challenges in my life, as many of us have, but the only constant that keeps me strong, hopeful, and in vigorous pursuit of my happiness is the one and only TRUE Source, the Divine, Intelligent, Universal and Living Power of Source Energy.....GOD -- THE UNIVERSE! Having Spirit as Source is the only true constant we have. When relationships end, titles and jobs are removed, or money dwindles away, Spirit is the only Source that can sustain, heal, nourish, reinvigorate and rebirth us. So, I ask you again...who is your Source? Who are you assigning the task to provide for you? We don't have to chase money, relationships, love, titles, health, or success. Chase a relationship with Spirit. Chase the deepest and most intimate relationship you'll every have with yourself, the place where Spirit dwells. Align your heart with the powers of the Universe, allow that power to create your business, your success, your new clients, your relationships. What is this indomitable power of the Universe you might ask? L.O.V.E! Love is the only energy we'll ever need to align with. The only power that will move our mountains, create our dreams, heal our hearts and souls, and open new and exciting doors for us. It is the strongest, most unwavering, indestructible, and reliable force we can count on. So, If you're looking for any change or growth in your life. If anything has you feeling worried, fearful, stuck, doubtful, or concerned, go within. Trust Spirit. Listen and be still and nourish intimacy from within. Connect with the highest and greatest power within you and let Spirit lead you. Be Love. Be Source. Know that that's the energy you need to become. If you don't get answers right away, be still. The answers eventually come. But always remember your true Source. It always provides the greatest things and desires that you'll ever seek on the outside.

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