The Two Most Important Tools For Your Spiritual Garden

Tending to a garden is not an easy task. In addition to the elements that we have no control over that assist in the growth of our garden, such as sunlight and rain, cultivating and growing a garden requires two major components that we do have complete control over….TIME AND CONSISTENCY.

When I visited the garden over the weekend, it was explained to me that the gardens that reaped the greatest harvest were those that were tended to the most. The gardeners that committed their consistent time, daily or weekly, to planting, tilling, sowing, and nurturing their gardens were the ones that enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

Time alone isn’t enough to grow a successful garden. Spending one-8 hour day in a garden over one month might not reap the same benefits as spending a few consistent hours each week. Time AND Consistency are the winning ticket.

Cultivating anything else we may desire in our lives, such as a relationship, health, or business success, requires our investment of time and our commitment to consistency. Even if we’re simply practicing, to become more adroit at any skill or goal we desire, we must till, toil, and practice. Binging or depriving behaviors doesn’t create better relationships, better health, or better finances. But consistent work and input engenders more love into whatever we’re creating and has greater staying power. So, even if you only have just a little to give, give it consistently.

Being committed to anything outside of us, reflects our commitment to ourselves. If you struggle to stay committed to your goals and dreams, consider eliciting the support of a coach or accountability partner. But most important, cultivate greater tools in self-love. Trust and believe that you deserve it!

With Love & Gratitude,

Angela xo

Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Amaral, Bermuda

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