When The Universe Creates Contrast

You ever experience those moments and feelings when the job you once loved becomes dull and insipid or a certain person at the office, namely your boss, aggravates you to the point that you struggle to show up to work each day? Or your relationship no longer satisfies you? Or the car you once loved is now falling apart? Or the home you couldn’t wait to purchase now has new neighbors that bring raucous and noise to the neighborhood? Or maybe the city you once loved living in is now overcrowded and overpriced, forcing you out? Or maybe someone steals your motorbike?

You might think that the Universe is playing a mean, old trick on you or that you’re being punished for something or that you can’t seem to get things right in your life?

Well, I’d like to offer you a different way to look at the obstacles and challenges that show up in your life. Consider that in order for us to grow and move toward where God wants us to go, there must be contrast created for us to allow transformation. Sometimes we must become so miserable with something or someone before we will create something better.

The Universe always desires better for us. Often times before we even realize it for ourselves. If we become too comfortable and complacent with our circumstances, we may not reach the place where God is trying to send us. God doesn’t speak through a loud speaker, but he can create so much contrast and aversion in our lives that we can only turn to him for his attention and guidance. When we surrender and listen to the guidance we often end up somewhere we only imagined in our dreams.

So, the next time it feels like the bottom is falling out or the rug is being pulled from under you, consider taking a pause, offering up a prayer, and asking Spirit to guide you. Can you trust that you’re being guided to something better? See the aversions and upsets as an opportunity for growth, healing, and change, a period of time to become a better version of yourself and to receive the miracles that the Universe has in store for you.

Why would we desire better for our lives if we believe that what we have is good enough? But, God has more than good enough in store for all of us. We just have to believe it and be willing to receive it.

With Love & Gratitude,

Angela xo

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Amaral, Bermuda

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