Creating Professional & Personal Balance

If you’re anything like me, then creating and establishing goals is a task you enjoy and is paramount to your life’s journey. Maybe you even feel a little lost, like I do at times, if you’re not working toward an achievement, whether it’s personal or professional. For us Type A’s, there’s an extreme gratification in having a clear, precise, and laser-focused ideal that is actualized through hard work and intention.

But what happens when our goals are off balance or geared toward only one area of our lives? Well, I can tell you, as I find myself currently out of balance.

Prior to entering into the New Year, I coached many clients and also spoke publicly about solidifying and streamlining our goals for the New Year. I too wrote down a long list of my goals for 2017, some small and some ambitious. But, admittedly, after reviewing and reassessing my goals, I realized that almost all of my goals were professional rather than personal. And no wonder, I felt a bit off and exhausted lately.

Many entrepreneurs would attest that when you own your own business, especially if it’s your passion in life, that the business becomes your baby. In a way that is so powerful that one may become enmeshed with it — creating a thin, if not faint, demarcation. Almost everything that we think about or do is related to our business. Therefore, it will often seem as though whatever we engage in is for our authentic self, because any success to our business is a personal success, but actually it’s still separate from who we really are. Our businesses and passions are still a mere aspect of who we are.

I am learning that there is and must be a separation between our professional and personal selves. It is important for our businesses and work to be our offspring, an extension of ourselves, but like a mother who structures boundaries with her child, it is equally important to establish boundaries between what’s our authentic and personal selves and our business (work) selves, to have real, tangible personal goals along with our solid professional ones.

Surely I had personal goals on my list, including new travel destination spots, continued health and fitness regimen, etc., but as much as I love goals, I didn’t set new, more challenging goals for my personal life. Therefore, when I wake up each day, guess which area of my life gets most of my attention? My professional goals gain more of my focus, which leads to an imbalance.

Maybe like me, your personal goals are important to you. Therefore, it is paramount that we spend time cultivating and taking step-by-step actions toward newer and more challenging, personal goals, ones that are designed only for our own spiritual evolution and edification, not in service of others.

If this is one of your struggles, make sure you have a balanced list of personal goals on your agenda and clear steps to work toward them. Consider signing-up for a new fitness challenge, such as a 5K, 10K, or a half or full marathon. Maybe a Tough Mudder obstacle challenge or cycling challenge suits you. Perhaps you can put a deposit toward a vacation you’re planning for later in the year. Or if you’d like to be in a relationship, what are the daily steps you’re taking to create it? All of our goals, whether professional or personal, require our clarity, intention, preparation, focus, and action.

If we want to create balance and more bliss in our lives, it requires achieving balance in our goals and working assiduously in attaining them. Take the first steps. Get an accountability partner to assist you with your goals. Or, if you need a Life Coach, I’d be happy to assist you in realizing your goals for the New Year.

Let’s make 2017 our best year…yet!

Love & Gratitude,

Angela xo

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Amaral, Bermuda

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