Asking The Universe For Support

Each morning while in prayer, I pray for my family and friends across the globe, I pray for my health, my heart, my abundance, guidance, and my continued service and purpose for Love Sanctuary. I pray to be an inspiration to others, that I may touch someone's life each day. And while my prayers are powerful and inclusive of so many people, I sometimes forget to pray for my own support, particularly in doing the work that I do, and for the openness to receive it.

It wasn't until recently, when I found myself stretched thin and emotionally zapped from caring for someone, perhaps better than I was caring for myself, that I remembered how important it is for me to ask the Universe for support, ALL THE TIME. To remember that I don't have to do everything alone. I was reminded this past weekend that there is a community of support available to me, to each of us, if we seek, ask, and then open our arms and our hearts to receive it.

While our purpose here is of love and service, we are also allowed and expected to ask for what we need. The Universe wants to support us in everything. We do not have to push, struggle, or fight to make things happen. The Universe awaits our attention and our inclination to ask! Our receiving is an act of self-love and demonstrative of self-worth and value.

Whether we work in service to others, or we're a caregiver, or a natural giver, creating balance to our work and our giving, by allowing ourselves to receive, is paramount to our overall peace, harmony, and balance. It also places greater value to the work that we put out.

Notice today if your giving and receiving is in balance. Where might you need to tip the scale? Notice how you feel when asking to receive. Do you feel guilty? Unworthy? Selfish? Grateful? Worthy? Pay attention to what arises within your heart when you ask. The ability to receive is cultivated early in our lives, where we learn our self-worth and our right to ask for our needs to be met.

If you find it a struggle to ask or if you want to create more openness in your heart to receive, consider this simple affirmation during your meditation:

"I am worthy and open to receive."

If a different affirmation is more suitable to you, create one that resonates within your heart and welcomes in an abundance of support from the Universe.

Good luck Love Warriors!

With Love & Gratitude,

Angela xo

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Amaral, Bermuda

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