Adapting To Change Takes Time PLUS “A Special Meditation For Change”

One of the most important things I’ve learned and continue to learn from my transition to a new career and a new life on an island is that adapting to change takes time. Two years ago I began a new career as a Life Coach and Speaker and nearly two years ago I moved to Bermuda, and after all this time, I’ve discovered that I’m still finding my way. However, having the awareness during each part of this transition is making all the difference in my adjustment and overall peace and acceptance.

Life is constantly in flux, therefore, whether voluntarily on involuntarily, our relationships, experiences, and our roles and responsibilities are incessantly shifting and evolving. Often leaving us feeling that the rug is persistently being pulled from under us.

Perhaps you know the feeling? Just when you think you’re settled into something new, you realize that you’re still not quite settled or feeling completely like yourself.

So, what can we do in moments like these?

Take notice of your feelings, B.R.E.A.T.H.E, and give yourself permission to accept the process and embrace wherever you are. Because wherever you are is just fine. There is no race or prize or even a destination toward complete transformation. The key is recognizing that we’re constantly settling into life, which requires our committed awareness, patience, attention, and self-care.

The journey toward change requires our patience in figuring out who we are going to be now, understanding our new roles, creating a team of friends and support, building trust and confidence in our new roles, and adapting to newer demands and responsibilities.

To ease the stress caused from change we can go into our heart space and meditate on love and acceptance.

Meditation for Change

Sit in a comfortable seated position or lie down on your back.

Bring your awareness and attention into your heart, the fourth chakra in our energy field. Place your hands on top of one another, palms open, over your heart. Breathe. Take a few slow and deep breaths in and out.

Take simple notice of your feelings. Notice if there’s fear, confusion, doubt, insecurity, anxiety, or comparison within your heart. As you notice your feelings, with each inhale begin to breathe in Love. Garner as much love, peace, and compassion into your heart as you can. As you exhale breathe out fear, judgment, jealousy, anxiety, or worry. Breathe in Love, breathe out fear. Breathe in Love, breathe out anxiety. Breathe in Love, breath out anxiety, and so on. Do this for a few minutes.

Then silently in your mind or out loud repeat the vibration sound for the heart chakra, Yam (pronounced Yuum), over and over again, while you envision the color green or pink around your heart.

Next, let’s move to the first chakra, the root chakra, found at the base of the spine (tailbone). This energy field represents our security, safety, stability, and grounding. The vibration sound for the root chakra is Lam (pronounced Luum) and the color associated with this chakra is red. With your eyes closed, envision the color of red flowing around your tailbone and repeat the sound Lam over and over again in your mind’s eye or out loud.

Repeat this meditation daily, spending at least 5-10 minutes in your practice. Notice the shifts and adjustments taking place. Consider journaling about your experience or talking about it with a Coach or close confidante.

Whether you’re adjusting to motherhood, fatherhood, a new job, loss of a loved one, birth of a new family member, marriage, divorce, or a change in health, find time for quiet reflection and meditation. Give yourself permission to take your time adjusting. You’re fine…and exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Good luck Love Warriors!

Love & Gratitude,

Angela xo

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Amaral, Bermuda

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