Programs & Services

Private Coaching


The powerful and transformative benefits of coaching can improve any area of our lives, including, relationships, health, financial and business success, spiritual growth, self-esteem and general well being and help you accelerate your dreams.


While working with Angela, who brings the heart, compassion and trust to the core of her work, you will learn very powerful and practical tools and techniques in meditation, mindfulness, self-love, self-compassion, self-empowerment, affirmation, and visualization, and other skills, that will help you move toward your desired growth and transformation. Angela will support you in letting go of your past and help you release old emotions that may keep you stuck and unable to step into the life you deeply desire!

Private coaching is available via Skype or Zoom

One-On-One 3 Month
Coaching Program

Our 3-Month individual coaching program is designed for individuals seeking one-on-one coaching. In this program, together with Angela, you will create a program that will support you in becoming clearer on your goals and intentions. You will be supported in exploring and releasing any blocks and barriers in your belief systems that might create limitations and roadblocks and prevent you from achieving your goals and living the life you desire. You will learn practical tools for Self-Love and Self-Care and what it means to actually love yourself. Angela will also act as your accountability partner, encouraging and supporting you in reaching your goals.


This program consists of two monthly calls per month and email follow-up, check-in, and handouts and "Love Work" Assignments.

6-Month One-On-One
Coaching Program

Although similar to the 3-month program, this program allows more time to acquire and apply new tools and to “break away” from old habits, in order to create newer patterns and behaviors. If you’re ready to learn the skills in goal setting and create bigger transformations and commitments in your life, this program is for you!


Program consists of two 60-min calls email follow-up, check-in, handouts and "Love Work" Assignments, as well as access to Angela for additional questions per month.

6-Month One-On-One
Coaching Program

Our six-month coaching program is the ‘Super Transformer’ of coaching programs. If you’re ready to go deeper, to expand and ignite the true power of your heart, this program will support you. If you’ve struggled to be happy and stay committed to yourself and to your dreams, perhaps you need a Coach a while longer to support you in creating greater shifts and transformations. Together with Angela you will spend more time creating bigger goals and projects and breaking them down into manageable, actionable steps, as well spend more time mastering the tools of Self-Love and Self-Compassion, which are the essential elements to achieving anything that we desire.


Program consists of two 45-minute calls and one 30-minute call per month, and follow-up emails.

6-Week Individualized Meditation Program

Our individual meditation program is designed for beginners and experienced meditators. Many people have stated that they wished they could join in one of my meditation classes. Well, with this unique program you can. I will show you simple and basic techniques to help you cultivate your own meditation practice and create more mindfulness in your life, or expand in your existing practice. This is a very unique and incredible opportunity, as your meditations will also be tailored specifically to some of your general needs and concerns.


This program consists of six, 30-minute calls through Skype over 6 weeks

(or in-person, Bermuda only).

Investment: $269

Workshops & Seminars


Angela is available to teach powerful and transformative group workshops. These workshops are designed to facilitate personal growth in all areas of your life. Topics may include, Health, Love & Relationships, Self-Compassion, Self-Love, Financial Prosperity, Business and Career Success, Finding Your Ideal Work and Purpose, Mantras and Affirmations, Change Your Thinking-Change Your Life, and a host of others. You will gain valuable tools and skills in these workshops to promote change in every aspect of your life. Custom workshops are also

created for specific events and gatherings.


Pricing and availability varies.

Corporate and Business Meditation & Mindfulness Workshops


Research has shown that the practice of mindfulness and meditation can reduce stress levels and promote greater attention, clarity, creativity, and productivity. This program is available to corporations and businesses striving to create greater harmony, productivity, and success within the workplace. Programs are designed to provide an introduction to mindfulness practice workshop, which can also be followed

by ongoing-guided group meditations.

Speaking Engagements

Angela is also available to conduct presentations and talks on a myriad of subjects including, Health, Love & Relationships, Financial and Professional Prosperity, Meditation and Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Self-Love,

Grief & Loss, and Women’s Support.

For booking details please send email to: