Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
"Ignite Your Heart Power”
6- Week Group Coaching Program at Spirit House, Bermuda

Please join Life & Spiritual Coach, Angela N. Holton in this unique 6-Week Group Coaching Program, “Ignite Your Heart Power: A Journey To Self-Love & Inner Peace.” In this rare opportunity you will gain the tremendous benefits gained from private coaching at a fraction of the cost. Each session is designed as an independent class so you can either drop-in for any class or sign-up for the entire 6-Week Program. This program will explore Self-Love & Self-Compassion — what it means to love ourselves and what are the practical tools to loving ourselves more deeply

and experiencing greater Love. Learn how Self-Love impacts and can improve any area of our lives

including, health, relationships, career, financial prosperity, and self-esteem.

Investment: $149 for 6-Week Program OR $29 Drop-In

For more details & payment email: info@lovesanctuary