The most meaningful relationship we will ever create is the one we create with ourselves. 


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International Dating and Relationship Expert, Angela N. Holton, created The Conscious Dating Method Workbook Journal as a woman's self-discovery guide and tool for transforming the way women view and approach dating, love & relationships. Through thought-provoking questions and self-examination, readers are gently guided to unearth deeper understanding of themselves and their relationship patterns, in order to harness greater self-awareness, self-healing and self-compassion. Cultivating these tools are essential to building healthy relationships. This workbook asks the tough questions to help women become clearer, more intentional, and more practiced and prepared on their journey toward love. This journal is a woman's dating and relationship companion.

What Women Are Saying About The Conscious Dating Method Workbook Journal

"This journal spares nothing in allowing you to dive deep, reflect and figure out what you need to do to show up your best self for a relationship suitable to you without settling. I've seen a variety of interactive journals written for many topics, but this is my first seeing one specifically for dating. Bravo Angela!"


~ Sharon Beason, New York City

"The Conscious Dating Method: Deepen Understanding of Yourself and Improve Your Relationships" is one of the most in-depth books and workbook journals on dating and relationships that I've ever read." 


~ Hayley, Florida

"First there was conscious uncoupling, now Angela brings you what was needed in the first place, conscious dating. This book is such a blessing...This book is a great guide to guiding you to dating consciously and with intention. I highly recommend it if you are in the depths of dating and don’t seem to be getting the results you truly want and you want to change that."


~ Sandy Ramos, Denver

"This is not your average workbook and soul searching journal. Not only does it touch upon guiding those that are single looking for a genuine loving partnership, but also supports those in long-term relationships that can benefit from introspection."


~ SVJ, New Jersey

"I’m amazed at how quickly my dating life changed once I started reading The Conscious Dating Method Workbook Journal. It made me look at dating and myself from a new perspective and that was a game-changer for me!"


~ Mary, Florida

Women around the globe who are experiencing The Conscious Love & Dating Method are witnessing quick and dramatic changes in their dating and romantic relationships. 

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The Conscious Love & Dating Method inspires us to shift from an old dating and relationship paradigm of "matching" and "seeking" love, to "discovering" and "becoming" love. 

What's Inside...

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Self-Love & Self-Worth

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Releasing the Inner Critic

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My Beliefs About Love & Relationships

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Understanding My Core Values & Ideal Partner

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Fear & Sabotage In Relationships

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Letting Go Through Forgiveness

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Recognizing My Emotional Wounds & Triggers

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Building Confidence

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