Beginning March 5th at 8pm EST


International Coach & Speaker

  • Are you single and frustrated with dating?

  • Do you want to improve your dating experiences? 

  • Do you want to learn how to use dating as practice and preparation for your true ONE?

  • Would you like to learn how to navigate online dating? 

  • Do you want to attract better relationships and partners that mirror you?

If you answered "Yes", then join me for the first ever 4-Week LIVE Conscious Dating Challenge: Becoming The One You Want" where I will share with you  tools in dating with greater self-awareness and self-love; help you remove some of your frustration with dating and have more fun; help you attract better dates, and show you how to prepare for your dream relationship. 

In this 4 week LIVE Course we will discuss:

  • Getting Crystal Clear on What you Want

  • Dating with Greater Self-love & Self-Worth

  • Seeking Purpose & Inner Fulfillment While Dating

  • Recognizing Fear, Self-Sabotage, and Old Dating Patterns

  • Breaking Old Belief Systems Around Men & Relationships

  • Improving Self-Awareness

  • Forgiveness & Getting Over Your Ex!

  • Having more Fun & Turning Up the Flirt!



An all male panel who will answer your burning questions of:

  • What Do Men Want?

  • Why Do They "Ghost"?

  • What Gets the Second Date?

  • Their Biggest Turn Ons & Turn Offs

  • What Makes a Great Online Dating Profile

This course is for you if you are:

  • Lonely, tired & frustrated with the dating scene and want to attract better dates

  • Interested in navigating online dating better.

  • Want to attract men that are more of what you're looking for.

  • Become the person you are looking for!

  • Ready to have more dates and more fun! 

  • Increase your dating pool & eligibility for a relationship. 

Here's what others said about Angela's Conscious Dating Workshop: 

“Angela you killed the dating session last night. You should have seen me nodding in agreement and saying "yes" "amen". I hung onto every word. So much so the place where I was using their free wifi, had closed. While I'm sitting at the table, eyes closed. hands in prayer position and someone taps my shoulder to tell me, they were closed for the day...You were AMAZING! You were on point. Really broke it down. 


~ Patricia, Atlanta, GA   



"Angela is an alchemist. [She] alchemizes our fears and gives us hope. She was a big bubble and ball of huge love and light in her Conscious Dating Workshop. Each women seemed in awe of Angela and sucked up everything she said. Love Sanctuary is turning into a romantic Love Sanctuary bubble and Angela can help women who all deserve the truest and highest love in the real living flesh. Angela supports each woman in receiving this love."


 ~ Samantha, Bermuda

"The conscious dating workshop really gave me hope again about the dating world. Living in NYC the dating game seems especially difficult. Angela encouraged us all to think about dating in a whole new way that took a lot of the pressure off and made it seem fun again! Something to look forward to and not to be discouraged about. I’m looking forward to continuing on to the next sessions with Angela very soon."

~ Joy, New York City

This course promises to be powerful, transformational, engaging and informative! 

We're starting March 5th at 8pm EST! Join us LIVE!!

Your Love Investment for this LIVE 4 Week Course + a BONUS Session is $197 (if paid in full) or 3-Payments of $87. 

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