About Love Sanctuary

Love Sanctuary is an online spiritual portal centered on bringing us back into our hearts, the place where all dreams, self-transformations, manifestations, and creations unfold.


Founded by International Coach and Speaker, Angela N. Holton, Love Sanctuary is committed to sharing powerful tools, techniques, and resources that have been used in workshops and private coaching around the world to support and inspire people to live more joy-filled, purposeful, peaceful, and authentic lives.


Angela offers practices that she learned while training as a Heal Your life Coach, but primarily shares with us the powerful and transformative tools she’s learned through her own life experiences, namely when she went through a difficult period of grief and loss.


“I knew that as much as I wanted to run and hide from myself that there

was nowhere to go. So, I went to the only place that I could go and that

was desperately calling me…my heart. It was through comforting my own

grief and pain that showed me the meanings of Self-Love and Self-

Compassion. And so, through offering unconditional love to myself, I

emerged from this most challenging time of my life with greater peace,

purpose, clarity, freedom, and joy. I 'woke up' for the first time in my life

and I knew it was my purpose to share these healing, life-altering jewels

with others.”

Love Sanctuary reminds us that Self-Love is the key to unlocking our

power, our truth, our dreams, our freedom, or anything else that we

hope to create or transform. If you are ready to radically shift your

thinking, reclaim your power through Self-Love, in order to live a richer,

healthier, more meaningful, and joy-filled life, then welcome to Love




Angela N. Holton is an International Coach and Speaker, Author, and Founder of Love Sanctuary, an online spiritual and personal development site centered on helping individuals create success and transformation through Self-Empowerment and Self-Love. 


She is the author of the Ebook, “The Love Sanctuary Guide: 30 Days To Deepen Your Relationship To Love & Abundance,” and Co-Author of “Whispers of the Heart”, “Manifesting Modern Miracles”, and “111 Morning Meditations: Create Your Day With Intention”. Angela writings have appeared on multiple online publications, including, Huffington Post, The Glow Up by The Root, Tiny Buddha, and Elephant Journal.


Angela has appeared on various radio talk shows and podcasts, including America Meditating Radio Show, LA Talk Radio, The Great Girlfriends, Networking with Michelle (Ngome) and more. 


Angela coaches clients and leads workshops across the globe.

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